Dr. Aastha has completed her graduation from one of India’s premier institutions – Government Dental College (GDC), Mumbai. During and after her graduation, Dr. Aastha has assisted and worked with some of the best Doctors and renowned Specialists to deeply understand and master the latest technologies and advancements in dentistry.

In her endeavour to further enhance her knowledge and evolve her skills, Dr. Aastha has attended numerous courses ranging in General, Aesthetic and Implant dentistry from prestigious universities in Germany and England.

Dr. Aastha Chandra - Opal Dental Care Studio


Happy Clients

Great service and good ambience, doctors advice and guide
I got my dental treatment from here. The entire team is very professional and they take care of all your needs. Special thanks to Dr. Aastha and Dr. Simran!!
Been going to Dr. Aastha for a while and now even my family is converted. Everyone loves it! The clinic feels exclusive and very premium. Asthetics and services go hand in hand and are par excellence. Dr. Aastha’s demeanour is so calm that she puts everyone at ease. It’s a feel good place. Who can ever say that about a dental clinic? Looking forward to my follow up dental appointment.
Best dentist I give them 10 out of 10 very good I suggest every one to visit it’s better then USA
The doctors at Opal are professional, thorough and caring. They take the time to listen, explain and understand the client’s perspective. The facility is modern and state of the art. I had pretty extensive dentist repairs done here and would return without hesitation
It was a good experience I had.I really love the way how they treated and also how they gently gave me the service with proper care.Thankyou so muchNow I can smile nicely 😄
Experienced a very professional dentist with a whole lot of experience and knowledge……flawless work.
Amazing experience!!! One can never say something like this when one goes to a dentist. But so much precision, care and gentleness!! Everything was perfect !! Thank you so much 😊 Dr Aastha.
I visited Opal Dental Care after finding them on Instagram. I found them while I was in USA. Dr Aastha’s Instagram tips got me interested in dental care without thinking of dental care as a painful part of our lives.I flew into Mumbai, her team was quick to schedule me for an appointment. I also received a reminder text about my appointment.The clinic is beautiful, makes your forget youre here for a procedure.Wonderful coffees and teas to relax you and prepare you.I got cleaning and teeth whitening (Zoom Laser)Dr has been patient with my anxious nature, I was not rushed at all. All my questions were answered, music and shows of my choice were up on the screen to make you feel at home. The cleanliness of the clinic assured me I was in a safe, hygienic place.Dr Aastha is gifted with her knowledge and skills.PS- All international cards and modes of payments are available here.Opal Dental Care will be my must go to each time I visit India. Highly Recommend.
I have visited Opal Dental Care Studio for treatment under Dr Simran.Dr Krishna Shetty, root canal specialist did the root canal in single sitting. Filling cavities and fixing crown had been done by Dr Simran. Her professional acumen is praiseworthy. Initially, I had lot of apprehensions and fears in my mind but it vanished in my first sitting itself. Opal clinic is designed in such a way that a patient doesn’t feel that he is in a clinic. It is almost like a film studio.No pains, no worries now. I sincerely appreciate and thank Dr Simran and entire support staff of the clinic.Ramnath Sonawane
“It’s a very comfortable environment and competent team and what is very reassuring is that if you are not happy they will call you back and fix the problem to your satisfaction. That is not very common in an otherwise commercial profession.
Very good place to get implants. Dr Astha explains everything minutely before starting the treatment. A professional as well as personal touch by the whole team 👍
I have been beyond pleased with the excellent care I have received at Opal Dental Care Studio! The staff and Dr. Aastha are friendly, respectful, caring and courteous of your time. The clinic is run very smoothly and efficiently. Definitely recommend.
I was very surprised to find clean and first class facilities such as Opal D C S.Very polite and official will trained crew.Thanks for good advice and fast service.This Clenic is much better than a lot of Melbourne’s Dental clinics .
Opal Dental Care Studio is amazing place, I have cleaned my teeth there. I can say they are very professional, honest and kind.
I got 3 beautiful front crowns done. They look so natural and I cannot stop smiling. The whole process was smooth. The staff is great, extremely friendly. Dr. Aastha Chandra has made the clinic so different and the whole place looks so warm and comfortable. Very soothing. I Had a great experience with them highly recommended place if you have any sort of dental issues.
I am fortunate to have reached Opal Studio for my prolonged dental issues ~ Dr Aastha and the team are thoroughly professional and make you at ease addressing a procedure ~ highly recommended.The clinic is well equipped, has a welcoming feel, amenities, lovely ambience and overall hygiene standard maintained.I am satisfied with the results, best wishes Team Opal Dental Care.
I am a 61 year old man from Germany with a lot of dental experiences behind me. I started a complete smile makeover, with implants, at a well known dental clinic in Mumbai. Three years later (thanks to Covid) on returning to Mumbai I realized that so much had changed at that clinic that I no longer wished to proceed with them. Due to my limited time in Mumbai- just 3 weeks- I researched intensively for another dentist and after one day I was lucky enough to come across Dr Aastha at the Opal Dental Care centre. This was truly a blessing and Dr Aastha is an angel! She instantly understood my needs and made the effort to fit me into her tight schedule so that I could complete the work that I had come for within my timeframe. Every step was precisely explained to me, and several options were suggested to me without any financial pressure on what I should choose.I have never felt so comfortable in the presence of a dentist as I did with Dr Aastha. She combines professionalism and superior craftsmanship with personal care and friendliness. I was always happy to see her!The communication with the laboratory seems to be excellant and the staff at the clinic are all very friendly. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the clinic there are very good vibes. I can't express enough my gratitude to Dr Aastha. I am more than happy with the finished result and my new Bolly/Hollywood smile! Thank you so much Dr Aastha! To anyone out there looking for superior dental work with maximun care- look no further! I recommend Dr Aastha unreservedly! 😁🙏
Dr.Ashtha was very professional and guided me through the whole process.She was very kind and answered my every query.
We went to Dr. Aastha Chandra on a recommendation. My husband Pannkaj needed a dentist urgently. She gave an overview of the procedure, price; pain level. Her care concern and knowledge made us confident about my husband’s dental procedures. By all means, it was the right decision. Her assistant Dr. Simran was good too. The clinic is trendy and clean. Thanks to her treatment.
My teeth have never been my best asset and I always dreaded going to the dentist. All that changed when I met Dr. Astha in her charming clinic. Aesthetic, soothing interiors that calm you instantly and a doctor who patiently outlines your treatment ensure that there are no nasty hidden surprises. If you are looking for a dentist with whom you want to maintain a lifelong association, look no further.
Dr Aastha has a lovely home like clinic. Hygiene is taken care to the utmost. Her team is very pro active, courteous and professional. Dr Aastha carefully explained the line of treatment and aftercare. Dental procedure was a breeze. I had an extremely smooth and pain-free experience at Opal dental care studio. I would highly recommend for any dental related services.
Dr Aastha is extremely professional and highly skilled Dentist. The entire team @ Opal Dental is awesome & very friendly and this makes it a great place to go take care of your teeth. At Opal Dental Care Studio, you feel that you are in good hands as you get treated by skilled specialists. Highly recommend!
One of the best experiences ever, very hospitable and the environment they create is no short of perfect, amazing service and employees
Recently I had dental treatment with opal dental care studio. Tooth canal and replacement cap of teeth. My treatment was 7 star and I m fully satisfied with the treatment . Dr Astha Chandra , dr. Simran are truly professional in their work and they are wonderful human being . I met many dentist in India and abroad but I found dr Chandra no. 1 among all the doctors. Others are not near to her 1 to 50. I wish all the best wishes to opal dental care studio and Dr miss. Chandra & dr.miss simran.
After using the service for seven months, I'm writing this review so that I can discuss both the quality of the service and its longevity, which is crucial.1. Clinic (5.0/5.0): Exudes positive vibes.I was stunned by the atmosphere as soon as I walked inside; it has a cosy, cute café feel. The clinic is fully furnished with all contemporary conveniences. I particularly liked the screen that was mounted above the treatment chair, where you could watch Netflix or unwind with peaceful scenery as you underwent treatment. Given its prime Juhu location and lovely surroundings, I assume this clinic is reasonably priced. However, depending on the service you receive.2. Doctor Aastha Chandra: (5.0/5.0) Her name speaks for itself.You can completely put your "aastha in Aastha". She is a very experienced dentist with a dynamic personality and smile (no wonder she is into smile designing). She explains things in detail and patiently and gives the best solutions. Her feed on Instagram is awesome, and I must say she really has good fashion sense.About Service: (5/5): 7 months already!My front two teeth were accidentally broken when I was seven, giving them a gate-like appearance and creating a sizable gap between them. I spoke with Dr. Aastha (I found her through Google). She suggested permanent ceramic veneers for me, but since I was still in college, I didn't want to spend a lot of money, and I was also very hesitant about the services at the time, so I chose composite veneers instead. But trust me, even after seven months of service, my composite veneers are still in good shape, despite the fact that I haven't taken any safety measures and I eat everything. I'm very pleased with the calibre of the work she did and the supplies she employed. My smile, appearance, and speech are all redefined.I must therefore recommend that you visit Opal Dental Care if you're looking for any dental solutions. Absolutely worth it.XoXo!
Thank you Dr Aastha for your insights and care & the dental treatment i received. Extremely professional. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!!!
Treatment got done very nicely. Very nice doctor. The place was also very good.
My first experience with a dentist. Before I was suffering from pain now I am very comfortable. I visited the clinic the receptionist assisted me very well. I Met the Doctor and she explained me the problem and solution. We immediately started my treatment. Now Bye-bye to gum and cavity.Thanks to you Doctor and you mentioned a very friendly environment this is what a patient need. 💫💫💫
A lovely boutique clinic.Specialized doctors for various concerns(root canal / fillings / cosmetic etc) who do a fantastic job.The process from taking an appointment to treatment completion is very effortless, with the helpful addition of reminders before appointments.Noteworthy mention for all the tech incorporated within the clinic for any medical investigation required. It makes it very convenient that you do not have to go to another lab after the first consult and then return for a review or treatment. Complete transparency with procedures allows you to understand the process with the help of their incorporated technology with before and after treatment markers. It gives you a sense of satisfaction to see and understand the details of your treatment for yourself.Small touches that matter: You can view a ceiling-mounted TV with OTT apps to watch what you like during procedures. They provide shoe covers, so you don't have to remove them outside. Very nicely done interiors do not make you feel you're in a medical facility. Clean toilet. They accept all forms of payment, including rarely accepted cards like AMEX.This clinic is highly recommended.
Dr. Aastha is an amazing person. I had a wonderful and smooth experience throughout the entire process. She has integrity, a striking work ethic, and remarkable responsiveness. She knows her work thoroughly and does not settle for anything but perfection.Her wonderful team comprising of Dr. Simran, Sana, Shubham, and Snehal are very warm and so efficient.Dr. Aastha sketched my treatment plan prior to my second visit and provided me with all available choices. She was always available whenever I had a query or a problem during my entire procedure. It is rare to come across such a wonderful human being and a thorough professional.I wish Dr. Aastha and all at Opal the very best.
Dr. Astha is very kind and diagnosis the problem well. Her method of cleaning doesn’t make you feelPain or any sensation. Great place for your oral health care.
Opal Dental Care Studio provides an excellent service. Dr Aastha is indeed a professional and has been very patient in providing clear and concise details and information about the whole dental implants process. I am from Mauritius and yet she has been reachable each time whenever I required any further information prior to making the decision of flying to India for the treatment. The personnel are very welcoming and caring. The entire process for the first phase went on smoothly, with the doctors diligently working with care, attention and patience. I highly recommend Dr Aastha and her clinic for their professionalism and the special attention and care that they provide 👍
To simply describe my experience at Opal in one word - Fabulous !Dr. Astha is one of the finest doctors i have come across in a long time . She gives an elaborate diagnosis for a particular case and suggests suitable treatment options , without nudging and leaves the decision to her patient.The clinic is a beautifully designed space. Full marks to hygiene and the warm staff . I would highly recommended Dr. Astha not just because she is a great doctor, but also for the way she treats her patients . Its rare these days!
"I have had the good fortune of having Dr. Astha and Simran as my dentist .She has taken care of my Wisdom tooth surgery . Itrust her work and her advice completely, and all of her work hasbeen outstanding. I highly recommend!"
I got complete dental rehab done from Opal. Very happy and satisfied with the result! Special thanks to the entire team of Opal! They never fail to make you feel special and take care of your needs.. 👍🏻Dr. Aastha is a thorough professional person and opal is one stop shop for all your dental care!!Special mention of Dr. Mohit Bodhwani, Dr. Gazal Gupta & Dr. SimranThanks
Very good team of doctors....really guide you with perfect and right treatment.....not commercial ....great hands.
Aastha is very professional in her line of work. She is very good in diagonising and explaining the treatment to the patients step wise for a clear understanding. She also lends a patient ear to senior citizens. Specially my mother was very happy with her treatment.The clinic is very well maintained and they are very hygiene conscious.The staff is very cooperative too.In all a very good experience.
It was really good experience with dr Astha Dental studio.ecuracy in treatment is really admirable. I would suggest as one of the best for kind of implant and other Dental treatment.
Thank you Dr. Aashta and Dr Simran, we had a marvelous experience coming here. Also Miss Sanaa was so helpful when we first came through to make a booking ❤️ Thank You again from us Mel & Family
In year 2018 for the very first time i got vineers for front tooth done which was very shabby and that decision took away my confidence while smiling, i always felt conscious. Then, in November 2021 i came across Dr. Aastha. She gave me the best treatment by providing me the brightest smile i could have asked for. She has been very soft and gentle during the entire procedure of treatment. I would recommend her not only for her good work but also the way she treats a patient and make them feel comfortable in every way possible.Thank you so much Dr. Aastha for brining my confidence back and give me the bestest smile I could expect :))
Had the best experience at Opal Dental care studio.Dr Aastha was amazing !!!She was so patient and explained everything so well and gave me options to make an informed decision on what route of treatment I’d like to take.I would actually look forward to going to the clinic!The clinic was clean and so pretty ! It felt like it was literally out of a Pinterest board and the staff there is the sweetestP.s - You can watch Netflix while getting your work done , relaxing on the fluffy neck pillows they offer :oP.p.s - Also it has the best coffee in town ;)
Very honesty i was very worried when i first went to Dr.Astha...it was about my confidence...my smile..my front teeth. After meeting her i was convinced that i was in good hands. As i am a working professional she made sure all the process is completed before my working hours and in 7 days...which was remarkable.And now finally i have my beautiful smile and confidence back...thanks so much team Opal... highly recommended guy!!
Dr Aastha is a gem of a person and the whole team is so supportive and co-operative.Me and my husband were out of the country when we decided to get veneers done and were on a tight deadline.Dr. Aastha personally handled our case and was ready with everything that was required.We absolutely loved our before and after smiles.I would highly recommend her services.You will get personalized service right from when you enter to when u leave.
Very smooth, painfree & comfortable experience. You should try this dental clinic for sure !!!
Dr Aastha is an excellent doctor and a beautiful human!!!Very thorough with her work and caring. I'm terribly afraid of dentist but she was very sensitive and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable... Her team is also very professional n warm..clinic was also extremely neat n tidy..Over all an excellent experience....
I had a extremely pleasant experience .Dr aastha is extremely professional and very gentle ..She and her team are all brilliant .I would highly recommend them .My root canal was sooo effort less … highly recommend them
It was indeed a pleasure meeting Dr Aastha this morning for my dental consultation. Complements to her for a well equipped beautiful clinic .Appreciate the way she explained the need and course of procedure needed .Staff was also helpful and courteous.Update:31st March 2022 .After this consultation, I have now gone thru the full procedure for dental rehabilitation as per advice from Dr Aastha .Whole process lasting about 7 appointments was carried thru very professionally.I am very Happy with the Results when I see myself smiling in a mirror !Thanks Aastha and Team Opal Dental Care 😊😀
Had my treatment done in 3 weeks and Dr.Astha was extremely professional in her job and did my denture work superbly. Thank you - Sadhna Shah
I came to Dr. Astha , unable to flaunt the beautiful smile god gifted me , and i leave today with full on renewed confidence to flaunt my broad smile once again ! Treatment spaning Over numerous clinic visits, tweeks and adjustments , al went with ease with her patience ! N not to forget the amazing team she has , sana, pratik and shubham! Thanks for all your patience throughout ! Kudos to u ! Loads of love ! New year, new Me ❤️
Very professional dental service offered by Dr. Aastha. The root canal was absolutely painless. Had a very nice experience.
Just one word “ BEST”Dr aastha is not only a great dentist she is a better human which makes her work impeccable. The dental studio is modern state of the art and a class apart . Her treatments are modern , painless and she is probably the most gentle dentist. She is a SMILE MASTER. Genuinely the best !
excellent work i didnt got any pain and very cleans hospital
A visit with a 3 year old to a dentist is always a task but thanks to Dr. Aastha & her team, our 3 day check-up & treatment went quite smooth than expected. Dr. Aastha gave her meticulous attention to all my daughter’s comfort during the treatment. The ambience of the studio was an added advantage as the child wouldn’t have a somber feeling of a clinic. We would fervently visit & exhilaratingly leave the clinic with all the glove balloons with funny faces & stickers - a lot many!!
An extraordinary dental care studio! The utmost priority is given to the safety measures. I rely on Dr. Aastha & her expertise for my dental care. Extremely happy with the treatment!
Excellent clinic. Felt like business class service😊Dr Astha has been treating me for years and painstakingly maintained and improved the aesthetics and oral strength for me and my family🙏🏻
Never expected a painless Root Canal. No need to fret a dental visit anymore :) Thanks Dr Aastha and team!!All covid protocols were maintained.Highly recommend Opal Dental Care Studio
Had a great experience at Opal Dental Care Studio with Dr. Astha. She is sweet, caring and takes time to explain each step of the procedure. She really makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend her.
Had an awesome experience….recommend it wholeheartedly.
Had the best experience at Opal. Dr. Aastha made me feel extremely comfortable and explained all procedures with ease. All hygiene and covid protocols were perfectly followed.

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