Orthodontic Treatment

We at Opal offer Orthodontic care for adults and children. Orthodontics can be used for cosmetic purposes such as to realign crooked teeth and to close gaps between the teeth. This not only improves the bite and appearance but also brings the teeth, lips and the entire face into proportion. Dr. Aastha may also advise early Orthodontic Treatment, after evaluating the development of your child’s permanent teeth in order to prevent complex dental problems later in life and lay the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Best Orthodontic Treatment in Mumbai - Opal Dental Care Studio
Best Ceramic Braces - Opal Dental Care Studio in Mumbai

We at Opal offer conventional braces (e.g. metal, ceramic and lingual) as well as the newer Invisible Aligners (e.g. INVISALIGN) that are 100% customized for your teeth making them easily acceptable and more target-specific!

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