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By Dr. Aastha Chandra


Dental Tourism

Known for its diverse culture and beautiful landscapes, India also offers world class dental treatment at reasonable costs and is thus increasingly emerging as the destination of choice for dental tourism. India offers the most advanced technology for dental treatment, specifically when it comes to complex procedures like dental implants and cosmetic dentistry at a very affordable price.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Internationally accredited dental facilities using state of the art technologies and highly qualified dental surgeons.
  • Dental tourism is a great money saver. Dental treatment costs in India are lower by at least 60-80% when compared to similar procedures in USA, Europe and Australia with no compromise on treatment standards. Other amenities like food and stay is also considerably cheaper.
  • With no wait lists, the service is also very prompt and cases are completed without any time delay
  • From the arrival, treatment completion to the departure, all the aspects are taken care of which makes the entire experience very seamless and convenient for the patient
  • Fluent English speaking staff makes communication simple without any language barrier.
  • From beaches to mountains, there are innumerable travel opportunities which gives the patient a chance to explore the beautiful culture that India has to offer. Your dental treatment can easily be combined with a holiday or a business trip

Dental procedures that you can opt for :-

1) Dental Implants – Single, full mouth and immediate implants are placed by highly experienced Implantologists, after thorough treatment planning, using state of the art implants and advanced technologies.

2) Cosmetic Treatments – Procedures like smile designing with veneers and zirconia crowns, teeth whitening , and cosmetic gum procedures can also be completed in short periods of time to send you home with a completely transformed smile.

3) Full Mouth Rehabilitation and bite correction is carried out using multiple different procedures in order to restore your teeth back to their optimum condition.

4) Other Dental Procedures like Root Canal treatments, Dental Fillings, Wisdom Tooth Extractions, Bone Grafting, Gum Surgery, Sinus Lifts, crooked or chipped tooth correction, bridges, can also be carried out after your initial evaluation.

How do you plan your treatment journey?

We understand the concerns that are associated with travelling to a different country for your dental treatment and we strive to be there with you every step of the way. Our dental tourism services are designed to not only offer the best dental treatment but to also assist you with other arrangements.

The following steps would help you understand how you can plan your visit :-

  1. Let us know your dental concerns and share with us dental scans, if any.
  2. Get a virtual consult done by our chief dentist, Dr. Aastha Chandra to further understand and evaluate the case and also to get to know you a little better.
  3. In depth case analysis, digital treatment planning and a one on one treatment discussion with Dr. Aastha.
  4. Discover and discuss all possible treatment options available for your dental problems and choose the one that best suits you. We would be designing a customised treatment plan for you. This interactive session helps us in understanding your case precisely hence ensuring treatment success with life time warranties.
  5. Confirm your dates and we would be helping you out with your visa requirements, airport transfers, logistics, hotel accommodations and scheduling all your dental appointments.
  6. Experience luxurious international dental care at our state of the art dental clinic. Using advanced technologies we ensure a painfree experience with promised results.
  7. Stay in touch with us even after your treatment to ensure thorough post operative care .

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