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Health Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

By Dr. Aastha Chandra



Cosmetic Dentistry includes anything positive that changes the look of your smile, including whitening, straightening, lengthening, and building on the teeth. All of these procedures increase confidence in your smile and provide both emotional and physical health benefits.

1. Improved Nutrition: Probably the most important benefit of cosmetic dentistry is a better, more nutritious overall diet that will be possible. For instance, if you have missing back molars, you probably are not eating things that require you to grind and chew your food more thoroughly. Because of this, your body could be lacking the nutrients it needs.

2. Improved Oral Health: When your teeth are straight and not overlapping, keeping your teeth clean is much easier for you and your dentist. Flossing and brushing, in general, will be a much simpler task with straight teeth, and food won’t be getting stuck as often in the first place. In addition, you’ll find the teeth decay will be quite minimal compared to before your cosmetic dentistry procedures.

3. Improved Bite: Getting new crowns and veneers will straighten your teeth, make your smile more attractive, and correct any problems with your bite. A poor bite can cause serious quality of life issues like recurring headaches, aches and stiffness in your jaw, and uneven tooth wear. Treating a poor bite will also help in extending the lifespan of your teeth.

4. Improved Tooth Alignment: It can be painful dealing with teeth that are misaligned. Improved alignment leads to a reduction in headaches and jaw pain.

5. Replace missing teeth and treat chipped teeth: A missing tooth is not just a cosmetic concern – it is a serious dental problem that can impact your ability to speak and chew properly or smile with confidence. A single missing tooth can also affect the health of the other teeth and lead them to have a decreased lifespan. Missing teeth means lesser chewing efficiency as well which would lead to various other systemic diseases.

Chipping a tooth alters its shape and may make it more vulnerable to future decay. Other than restoring the original shape of that tooth, cosmetic dentistry also improves the strength of the tooth. The vulnerable interior of the tooth will also be protected from the bacteria in your mouth, giving these treatments an additional oral health benefit that makes them even more worthwhile.

6. Improved Appearance: While cosmetic dentistry is not all about looks, it’s no secret that improving your appearance is one of the first benefits you’ll notice and appreciate after your cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Besides enhancing that smile, it can boost your self-confidence and improve your quality of life.

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